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How to find video game suppliers

Elizes 5 months ago 10268

We know that finding video game suppliers is difficult and time-consuming. Many entrepreneurs who are just starting to sell games are forced to quit because they do not know where to procure the keys. If you want to start your own gaming business and are looking for reliable video game wholesalers, be sure to read on to the end.

4 places to find video game suppliers

This list will help you find video game suppliers. When you want to try one of the options below, always do your due diligence and be careful not to buy bulk amounts of keys at the beginning. Many suppliers offer great deals for bulk purchases, but they disappear when you send money.

1- Skype

Video game suppliers are very active in Skype to communicate with their customers and acquire new customers. When you search Skype with the right keywords, you will see hundreds of video game suppliers. (e.g., video game suppliers, wholesale video games) are some of these keywords. When you meet a new supplier, be sure to send company information and provide documentation proving that you are an official distributor. Be sure to send money at the beginning using only reliable payment methods.

2- E-Commerce Site: Gamivo

Gamivo is a marketplace e-commerce site focused on the sale of digital products. Here you can create your own store and start selling games for free. Although Gamivo seems to only do retail sales, many of the vendors actually sell wholesale video games within the platform. For example, if you want to buy a game for 100 piece or more that costs 20 Euros, its price can go down to 18 euros. You can also buy many games at great price by following discounts created specifically for sellers.

3- WholesaleGameKey.Com

WholesaleGameKey compares the price list it receives from more than 700 video game suppliers located in different parts of the world and adds the most affordable one to its stocks. The platform aims to provide its customers with Steam, Origin, UPlay, and utilities at the best price. It also offers a complete e-commerce solution for wholesalers, retailers, and publishers. Customer service that works 24/7, lack of minimum order amount and various payment methods give platform users a great advantage over their competitors.

4- Discord Player Channels

Discord is an indispensable communication tool that gamers and game enthusiasts can spend time together. Since game prices are very high on online e-commerce sites, players cooperate with wholesalers who give better prices. You can join discord channels with players and ask them where they bought the keys. There will surely be a few people who will help you with finding video game suppliers.

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